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Thread: Tikka t3 270 moderator recommendations

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    Tikka t3 270 moderator recommendations

    Hi guys, I have just purchased a new Tikka t3 (sporter weight barrel)
    in 270 cal, I have yet to fire it and I am looking for a new moderator to put on it, I have also ordered a new Limbsaver recoil pad for it in order to curb the felt recoil a bit. I am looking for a relatively small moderator which will help cut down on recoil as well as sound.

    I already have a sako 85 in 243 cal fitted with an ASE UTRA SL5 and like this mod a lot , I am wondering if another SL5 mod would be adequate or if maybe the ASE jet Z might be more effective on recoil given the 270's reputation as being a hard kicker in a light weight rifle.

    I would welcome your views and any other recommendations you might have.

    Many thanks.
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    I guess a heavy mod (like a northstar or a t8 etc) would help with the muzzle flip, but thy kind of defeats the object in getting a light weight rifle.

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    The Jet Z Compact is a very effective and well made moderator. If you want to see any real reduction in muzzle flip and recoil then you will have to go with either a big and/or heavy mod. Personally I would go with the Jet z over an ugly monstrosity like a T8 but they still carry some weight.

    I will be trying an ATec Maxim on a new rifle soon. I don't expect it will be as tough as the JetZ but hopefully being lightweight will make up for it.

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    Ive just swapped from a wildcat to a ase jet z std ( not short ) and its so much better its slim , lighter and to me it seems quieter its also none stripable which is what i wanted as i used to find i get parts of the wildcat come loose regular

    get an ase you wont regret it i dont think

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    Have to agree with the above recommendation for the ASE Jet Z.
    I have a .30 cal one on my Tikka T3 .270 and it is excellent, yes its heavier than some out there but the compactness & performance are well worth it.
    I also have the jet-z .25 cal on my .243 and the smaller CQB on my .222, all are excellent mods and im glad I stuck with ASE after trying a few others.

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    I've got a jet Z on my 270 steyr mannlicher ,it handles better then my sako a11 243 with a wildcat on it. Go with the jet z

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    +1 for Jet z.
    Solid, reliable and no stripping required.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    An Aetec Maxim with two extra baffles suits me and my .270 fine !
    Very light and performs well.
    Also use the same (minus the two baffles) on my .223.
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    The atec is a great moderator light and cuts out a lot of recoil on the 270,its a wee bit louder than the t8 but a lot lighter.bit pricey though you only get what you pay for.good luck on your choice

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