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Thread: T3 Super Varmint .243

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    T3 Super Varmint .243

    Tikka T3 Super Varmint .243.
    Adjustable stock both height and length, factory set trigger, 23 3/4 length barrel threaded 5/8 by Nigel Teague, stainless thread protector.
    3 and 5 shot.mags.
    Optilock 30mm blued rings.
    harris 7 - 13 bipod.
    Butler Creek neoprene sling.
    (Scope is not for sale)
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    301 views and not a comment

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    Don't sell it, it is too good!

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    Whats a t8 special mod please?

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    how old is it and whats the round count? have you been using factory or home loads? nice piece of kit

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    Age about 8 years might be less, round count 200 max, nearly all factory but a small amount of home loaded 105 grn Speer no light varmint bullets.

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    T8 special is shorter and might be slightly slimmer but still good noise reduction

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    Is this still for sale?
    Is it an ambi stock or l/r hand?

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    Yes still for sale.
    Rifle is Right handed but apart from the bolt on the right the stock looks the same both sides, will have to see if the check piece knob can move from right to left.

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