If you are either a benchrest shooter or somebody that likes to reload or develop a load on the range. This product will be ideal for you. It will allow you to take pre-weighed powder in load quantities with out actually loading rounds at home. The advantage of this is that once you are at the range or where ever you do your development, using a portable press you can load ammo on the fly. As a benchrest shooter you can now take pre-weighed powder of different increments allowing for different loads to be reloaded. Doing away with having to throw powder on the range and eliminating the amount of gear you need to take with you.

The kits come in two sizes small and large . The small being more suited to PPC and BR type cases with 50 vials per kit plus MTM Ammo box to hold them in. The large is suited for every thing else up to large magnum cases and comes with 100 vials per kit and a MTM ammo box to suit.
Each vial is a solid hard plastic container with a snug fit water tight lid.

Small 24 posted

Large 46 posted