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Thread: Standard or semi weight barrel?

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    Standard or semi weight barrel?

    Evening chaps. Would be grateful for opinions please.

    Have a Mauser M03 and have just got my FAC cleared for a 300 wing mag so thinking of getting a new barrel. I can't decide whether to go for a standard barrel (17mm diameter at the muzzle) or a semi weight barrel (19mm diameter at the muzzle). Rifle mainly used for deer stalking and some range work. Any real advantage of getting a semi weight barrel?

    What do you chaps rekon?

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    A semi barrel will heat up more slowly when you are putting a fair few rounds through it at the range and the extra weight will dampen the recoil slightly more than a standard barrel, but for walking over the hills or through woodland the extra weight may or may not bother you.
    Personally I prefer a heavier barrel as I find they feel steadier on aim and I don't mind lugging the extra few ounces about.
    But if weight is an issue why go and shoot a 25lb deer that you've got to lug back to the larder.
    ATB. Hal.

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