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Thread: Lost a deer for the first time!

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    Lost a deer for the first time!

    I was out stalking yesterday afternoon at some woodland of which i and 5 others lease the stalking on, i was with 2 of the other stalkers, an on arival we decided which high seats we each wanted to go to, and we went our seperate ways, i got setled into my seat, i had been there about an hour and a half, when a buck walked out 170yards to my left, it was a 6 pointer, no medal but not a bad head, it was quatered towards me with with its head down feeding, so i took a kneck shot, but just as the trigger was breaking the deer lifted it head, clean miss! The deer ran 30 yards and stoped broad side on to me , so i took the engine out, the second shot was good but the deer ran into the wood, i waited 15 mins, by this time the other 2 stalkers had walked to my location, so we set off to try and find it, when we got to spot the deer was struck, we found a good blood trail, we followed the trail to the wood at witch the blood stoped, we crawled through the wood for an hour with no sign of blood or deer. This is the first deer i have had run, and the first deer ive lost, the lads said it might be the first, but it wont be the last deer you lose in woodland, i havnt been able to stop thinking about it though, just keep thinking i should of gone for the kneck again

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    One reason you should have access to a good deer dog. There is a register of stalkers willing to track wounded deer if you don't have a dog yourself.

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    Thats too bad....
    BUT: There are lads on here, offering a free tracking service for cases like this!
    Just give them a call and they will help you out.
    Absolutely no reason to give up....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    As the guys have said get hold of someone near you with a dog
    and get back out and have a look
    regards pete

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    The chairman of the uksha is not a million miles from you it might me worth contacting him for future reference, he is on here as widu.....
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Shoot enough deer and it happens where ever you decide to put the bullet head ,neck or engine .ive lost sleep on it whittled for days on end at least if you've tried with a deer hound you've done your best ! any syndicate should have or have access to a deer hound they are as essential as your knife Ect .
    good hunting


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    I think you may need Paul Ventres number he is near Whitby and offers tracking .

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    Just my personal opinion but trying to neck shoot a feeding deer at 170yds off a high seat seems well dodgy! Luckily it was a clean miss. If a deer's feeding then give it a low whistle then neck it as it stares at you. Your second shot was the right one in those circumstances. If you're gonna lose a deer I'd rather lose one with blood pouring out its chest than a neck/head wound. Might be lost but it will bleed out and die assuming you hit it fair and square.

    Not having a pop at you,just voicing my thoughts on the matter. Each to their own.


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    That deer is not lost, not even close to it, as the post went on this morning and reference was made to yesterday afternoon it's still only around a 12hrs old track!

    It's like the OP has given up already on finding it. If he is correct about the bullet placement with the second shot (which can be backed up with the blood and other sign that's been found) its right now lying there waiting to be found, and from what he has described its not sounding so far that it would even be a difficult job for a tracking dog.

    I'm more curious to hear how this story finishes after contact is made with someone who has a proven dog capable of doing cold tracks. This one is not even 24hrs old until sometime this afternoon...

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    If your second short was a positive one, straight in the engine room, you'll probably find the adrenaline from the miss has probably carried the deer some way. It could have been dead on it's feet when you hit it, but unfortunately they can travel some distance (eg 200 yards) even when hit hard!

    Stalk enough and these things happen. I do feel for you, but the best bet is to have a thorough check the morning after, and if possible find a tracker close by!

    Good luck and I hope you find your quarry
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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