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Thread: Tyre Repair Kits?

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    Tyre Repair Kits?

    Has antbody had any experience of using these canned kits in an off road tyre. Is it possible to have the tyre cleaned out and properly repaired, or is it a tooth sucking event and "have to replace that guv and while you are at it you had better do the other three corners so all your wheel radii match event? Good and bad news please.

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    I'm fairly sure there are some legal criteria about when a tyre can be repaired governed by the size, location, etc of the damage. If you think you're being taken for a ride by the garage, I guess all you can do is try elsewhere
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    If you imagine the inside of a tyre being coated with silicon based produces in the manufacturing process and how much cleaning it takes to get a patch to stick to the inside, you can now imagine just how aggressive the foam spray on the repair kit is, it eats through it and then eats into the alloy rim to stick.

    I spoke to my local Tyre service and asked about "Tyre Snot" as they called it a few months back, they will not repair a tyre once this stuff as been used because of the labour involved and so I asked about the Alloy wheel.

    The answer was it's the responsibility of the person who used the "Snot" in the first place to clean it off, they will scrape as much as possible off but not spent the hour+ with solvent cleaning the rims.

    Toyota have now gone back to space savers in place of the can.

    I guess in the long run it would be cheaper to have road side assistance than use the can. good money maker for the tyre services.
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    You can't repair holes in the sidewall, or between tread block.
    To top that off you can't repair a tire that has had a canned sealer in there.
    I have a plug kit that was bought for temporary repairs to tubeless motor cycle tires, worked great for that.
    Also used it on car tires, in both cases it lasted for the rest of the tire life, although I tried it on a quad tire,
    between the tread lugs and it failed to hold for more than a couple of days, I then bought some mushroom
    shaped plugs for car tires and that has been holding for the last 4 years or so.


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    You can repair a tyre that has had "tyre snot" used but there is a difference between "Can't" and "Won't"

    From experience when used the tyre is filled not with a nice coating of sealant but a rolling mess of soft sticky pebbles which formed and have been tumbled when you drive.
    If you want it repaired permanently you will have to clean it out yourself and remove any evidence of the snot.
    and then find a tyre fitter willing to fit a part worn tyre they haven't sold you!

    You can can do vulcanised repaired to side walls and the boundary between sidewall and tread pattern.
    Plug repairs like KwikFit will do require a thick tread for the plug to be pulled through and a flat surface for the patch to be glued to

    I have had vulcanised repairs done on the corners at the junction of side and tread on three tyres when some scrote put screws under my tyres whilst parked,
    not cheap but cheaper than binning brand new 120 tyre and buying another
    Newlife tyres in Edinburgh do Vulcanised repairs to tyres for example

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    Thanks guys, just thinking of a "new" (as in different), 4 x 4 and some come with these repair kits. think I will be boring and make sure I get one with a real spare. Pretty much confirmed what I feared.


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    i have the dilema no spare ,pump and can of tyre snot,im crapping it in case i get a puncture why do away with the spare?nonsense,

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    2p worth

    iv used green stuff worked it well on Honda farman and had the hawthorns to contend with, also had it in my off road wheels and never had a blow on the tread, only on the side wall that wouldl not seal i my own case, but we have pulled out lots screws and thorns from the inside when swapping them out from wheel to wheel.
    ps i also have a mushroom rubber worm kits just in case that self seals larger hole's think i got it from a motor bike shop.
    The fitters hate tyre slim but ha ho Feck em thats what they are paid for i had one fitter say the rubber was shagged due to it his boss was ear wiging and said he was talking crap and had my tyre fixed in short order it just needed washing out the degreasing he used a hot washer steam cleaner i was charge no more and it lasted as long as the rest of the others the green snot was pumped back in the next day .
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    i have the dilema no spare ,pump and can of tyre snot,im crapping it in case i get a puncture why do away with the spare?nonsense,
    Because a small can takes up less space in a vehicle and the designers don't have to consider where to stow the spare as it takes up space and it adds extra weight to the vehicle. Plus many Chelsea tractor drivers can't/don't know how to change a wheel so will probably call out a breakdown service to change the wheel anyway.
    I agree with you, absolute nonsense.
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    in my case that doesnt apply as under my boot or cargo space as these d heads say is a bloody spare wheel space that all its got in it is a can of crap and a leccy pump the rest is filled with polestyrene which i can remove if i want to put in a spare wheel,ludicrous,

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