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Thread: Sauer safety

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    Sauer safety

    A few days ago there was a post regarding the sauer safety position, i stated that once you have got used to it it is in the perfect position just lift your finger and you are ready to shoot.Yesterday Robin and i went out to look for a couple of fallow prickets to butcher for our landowners, we went to a permission where robin normally stalks and i wait in ambush,this time we decided to swap places and i was to stalk, i waited until robin was i position and then started stalking the wood, very slowly i made my way along a track watching the wind direction and glassing every hundred yards or so.
    I heard the report of a rifle and Robin came on the radio and said one down so it was all up to me now, on reaching the top of the wood i turned to the left where the track was a little less defined and covered in dry leaves so progress was very slow, i eventually reached a larger track which was now going down hill and i had the wind in my face, so i stopped and glassed the woods in front of me and saw a group of fallow walking towards me
    I set up the sticks and watched each animal as it came closer, at first i could only see does but then i saw a nice pricket, the group kept walking towards me so i had no chance of a heart/lung shot, the does kept coming and the lead animal was within twenty feet of me so i placed the cross hairs between the eye of the pricket and squeezed the trigger, nothing happened, yes you guessed it, the safety was still on, the lead doe now within ten feet of me gave out a loud bark and the group took off, what a dick head, robin came on the radio to say at least 30 animals passed his seat flat out with no chance of stopping them.
    I still think the safety release is in the perfect position as long as you remember to use it.
    We a going out tomorrow to do it all again,
    cheers Geoff

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    Love my sauer 202 hate the safety, it's ok when you are on deer but for unloading not so good.For the money it should be set up better.

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    What is there to hate about it? Smooth silent and the trigger sited button is just perfect for me.

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    I've just bought another but it's got a noisey safety , my other two haven't and can't understand why , it's the alloy type , does this make any difference ? Any advise would be great , good design and fault less , wouldn't buy anything else , thanks bri

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    What is there to hate about it? Smooth silent and the trigger sited button is just perfect for me.
    When the pressure's on non-standard controls fail. Regards JCS

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    Try explaining that in easy to follow steps??

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    Only ever used one the once and didn't like it ,love the roll two stage safety on the mannlichers but then others hate them ? So you get used to what you use I suppose at the end of the day .if you forget to cycle a round or push safety to fire it's not going to fire We've all done it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    if you forget to cycle a round !

    !! i think so. I have had the same experience several times with my Sauer 90. If the bolt of the rifle is not fully closed, does not shoot, thank God, It is a very important safety.

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    Hated my 202 from the day I got it. Two reasons why, the safety being within the trigger guard and the weight of the rifle. To me its the worst design of a safety ever but each to their own


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    I have a Sauer 200 - it's been with me now since Feb 1988, possibly one of the first in the country. I still think it has a great safety and it's never caused me any problem, plus it's capable of 1/4MOA accuracy (although I'm not these days), doesn't come much better than that.

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