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Thread: Different scent's

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    Different scent's

    Thought i would post this to give those who dont know some idea of scents work and how your dog may react, hope its helps

    Different scent‘s

    ground scent, scent molecules that are stuck to the ground such as foxes scent glands which are on the paws or a blood trail from wounded game, gundogs will work with there noses to the ground and lots of body action.

    Broken ground scent, they smell bruised or broken vegetation that is give off when disturbed by animals or birds or anything walking over it ( try not to walk over the trail to much before your dog gets to it ) gundogs or tracking dogs will have there noses down, but may seem uncertain until they find the trail again, this is where you knowledge of your dogs reactions will come in. watch your dog and you will get to know when he or she is back on the trail

    Blown scent, carried in the air, really a ground scent blown of the ground by wind, sometimes the dog will follow a parallel trail to the real one, gundogs sometimes fall short of there bird in strong winds

    Air scent, this is scent that hangs in the air such as blood droplets, feather fragments ect, warm kill setters and pointers are good at this with there noses going down when they get close and goes on point

    Best conditions are high air pressure and high humidity high pressure pushes the scent down.

    To get the most from you dog watch and know your dogs reactions, ie body movement and it’s reactions while on the trail.


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    Thanks for that.

    I've found this little book quite interesting for the information it gives on the creation and properties of scent even down to molecular level.

    Available on Amazon for £7.34 + p&p.

    Like the majority of dog tracking books it focuses on humans, but even so there is much info on vegetative/broken ground scent and the manner in which that assumes more importance as body/skin raft scent decays over a shorter time.

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    thanks graham, not seen this one will get on amazon and have a look. Anthony

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