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Thread: unexpected invite

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    unexpected invite

    I got a unexpected invite last night to go onto one of stingercargills permissions, a lovely bit of hill he has.
    Bucks or a fox was on the quarry list but unfortunately nothing was spotted.

    Many thanks stinger, next time it's on me on a new permission I got today...

    Hopefully this is the start of a good friendship....


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    thats how it should be, nice one,

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    Thanks Andrew, tit for tat..
    Lovely ground, lovely night, lovely setting, good company..
    This is what it's all about..

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    No problem at all ,it's just a pity we never seen anything

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    Ill give you a shout for a go at my new permission next week..

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    Ha ha ha..good 1 an du ru fox....!

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    only joking mate dont take me seriously,im a miserable bstd at heart keep up the good work both of you,

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