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Thread: South Africa - Ammo

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    South Africa - Ammo

    Don't know if it anyone remembers here from before BUT if you are taking your own ammo with you it has now to be in a separate case, airline approved, AND NOT IN YOUR normal/standard checked in luggage.

    Rifle case plus additional ammo case will be tagged and handled as secure etc.

    DO NOT put ammo case inside your "normal" check in luggage....

    I use Air France a lot and they seem to have upped their knowledge a lot, so long as YOU contact their Customer Service and "request permission' AFTER you have bought a flight.


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    I came across this new rule in East London Airport early last year (2009). So far, that is the only place I have come across it and only then when leaving. Arrival was OK. I was told that a new security company had taken the East London Contract and it is this company's ruling, not Government, police or airline. It did not apply to Port Elizabeth or Cape Town when I went there last December (2009). I am glad that Air France is getting better. Air France is the only airline my clients have reported any problems with (except one small problem with Emirates).
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    Just checked my records. SAPS formally wrote to all airlines flying into South Africa in September 2009 informing them that ammunition was no longer permitted in checked baggage. Has to travel in a seperate case, just like your rifles.

    I've experience of my checked luggage with a firearms tag on it (ammo inside) going round the luggage carousel at JNB.

    As of end of this month all airlines flying into/out off the EU have to handle ammunition seperately anyway.


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    Just back from SA and would say its been an eye opener with regards to staff and authorities not knowing the correct procedures for handling guns and ammo.....Heathrow SA desk made us put the ammo in our hold baggage but after around 10 mins of me explaining that in East London it would have to be taken out and re-checked they let us put it with the guns.
    No one really seemed switched on apart from the female SA Firearms Seargant (that i took a shine to!! lol) in J'burg...apart form her there was a lot of humming and heying and scratching of the heads!!
    Do your homework before travelling and if anyone is interested im in negotiations at present to start up a company sending clients to SA but doing a door to door service and checking clients in at the Uk airport and going over in detail the do's and dont's of travelling with a firearm.
    For the record the last trip was a nightmare,the plane landed in a bad way at East London (brown trouser time!!) and the chasis twisted which meant they couldnt open the secure hold where our guns were so we had to go back to J'burg get the hold fixed and fly back out!!...over 31 hours with hardly any sleep!!...but still loved my holiday!!

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    Apart from a week stuck in Paris on the way home.....

    Had a great week, as usual. At Jo'burg the new arrivals immigration and baggage hall is all open. Your guns and ammo box are taken to the SAPS office. There is now no position for Firearms etc. to be signed for in the baggage hall. Again, take black & white photocopies of your airline ticket, letter of invitation and FAC. From wheels touching down to having guns was 40 minutes. A party of four Danes on the same flight only had originals with them and the SAPS photocopier was, as usual, not working.


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    please keep me informed if you get the company off the ground as i would be very interested

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