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Thread: Have your deer vanished or changed habits?

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    Have your deer vanished or changed habits?

    Been having a frustrating time stalking lately. Ever since the farmer gave me the nod to manage the deer i've been out early morning and late afternoon on various days and barely seen anything!!

    Is it just the time of year, moon phases, alien abduction....... Or are they likely to have gone nocturnal due to the amount of farming activity, spraying crops, etc?

    Annoyingly they only time i've seen the muntjac is when it's been too dark from the highseat!!!

    How are you fella's finding it who stalk farmland rather than woodland?


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    Go out in jeans and tshirt without a gun and see how many you see.....

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    I have found alot different seeing Deer all over, grassed 6 Roe Bucks first eleven days of the season.

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    Its just the time of year when the farmers spread slurry and deer hate the smell off it never mind go on to the parks . They will be about were they will get peace

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    Quote Originally Posted by daven View Post
    Go out in jeans and tshirt without a gun and see how many you see.....
    As I part of my work I have to walk a lot of farm and wood land, I see more wearing a hi viz then when stalking.

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    As Above there is a lot of farming activity roe definatly seem to avoid fertiliser /spray /slurry etc. Also we have had a full moon and I never seem to do much good when there has been a bright moonlit night.

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    Are just not changing there routines with the changing seasons,
    Earlier sunrise and later sunset?

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    Always see them when I have the wrong gun with me. The Roes have been non-existent on my permission recently (save for the doe I saw three days into the close season). Couple of Muntjacs but not presented a shot as yet.

    Frustrating but then patience is a key attribute for any stalker I guess. Going to switch my times and go at dusk tonight for a mooch to see if that brings home the (venison flavoured) bacon

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    Deer can read calanders as well!

    Given the spell of warm weather, but with most trees not yet in leaf, there's lots of fresh leaf growth on the woodland floor - that's what the deer will be feeding on. As soon as the leaves come out, this early growth ceases and they start going back to feeding on the edges / in the glades etc.

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    Don't worry Stratts the deer are still there! It could be down to a number of factors. I find that typically roe and fallow aren't overly fussed by the sprayer or fert spreader, in fact one of my friends gave a roe buck a little headache the other day when the roe stood his ground while the boom approached!

    A friend shot a muntjac a week ago on my ground but other than that, not a lot has been seen with the rifle. In fact, while scouting my ground with nothing but my binos, I have run into at least two separate fallow herds, it's typical
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