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Thread: jager sa

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    jager sa

    Does anyone have a phone number for James at Jager been sending him PM 's with no response

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    I sent jager pm aswell with no reply

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    look under jager sporting arms his contact no on there,atb doug,

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    Tried the number listed not in service

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    Tried to get in contact with him for 4 weeks when picking up a new .308. Went for a visit in the end. Nice guy, good work, Cr*p at communicating... got to be said.

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    he replies to PM's...lads. maybe he's out stalking, come down!

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    He better be putting in overtime to get my rifle painted..

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    James has always been easy to communicate with via PM thats been my expreiance. Maybe hes on Holiday???

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    He has logged on numerous times since I have sent PM's with no response needed my rifle back a week ago

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