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Thread: Guntrader trouble

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    Guntrader trouble

    Is it just me or my lack of technical nowhow but I always seem to have trouble viewing Guntrader .
    I can get the start up screen on with the latest guns added but as soon as I click on find a gun ... Nothing just keeps searching.

    Bl.....dy anoying.

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    Guntrader takes a vast amount of CPU to run. My old computer was the same. This one has addiquate but even then it can be slow. refresh time on a screen was horendous and I had to wait forever to get the calibre section to load .270

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    It is time to change your Sinclair !!


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    Re: PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm
    It is time to change your Sinclair !!


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    Should've gone for a Commodore

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    thanks muppets

    usual helpful advice I see. but get the hint new tecnology needed. may even move off black powder.
    Thinking of geting one of them looky through things for my rifle think you call them tele scopes with wires in them. Dont think they will catch on.

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    Maybe the website is trying to tell you something about buying a .270?


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    What web browser version are you running?

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