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Thread: Scone

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    Is scone a good game fair for stalking gear etc, was going to give it a go this time?

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    It's OK but fairs are not the place to grab a bargin that they used to be with the advent of the internet.

    If your tempted to put your dog in the scurry be warned that people line all the way round the scurry pen... My dog had never had so much fun saying hello to everyone. She made up for it at Moy though!

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    If you enjoy having the arse ripped out your wallet it's the place to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    If you enjoy having the arse ripped out your wallet it's the place to go.
    Is it really that bad? I didn't buy anything when we where there last year but ice cream since it was so dam hot.

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    I suppose it's subjective, but yes I felt it was overpriced with limited shooting and stalking stalls.
    The stalls which were there were no cheaper than what I could have found on the net.
    Different people attend for different reasons so maybe I'm just being a tight Jock.
    On a positive note the Arbroath smokies were fantastic, unfortunately the last time I was there
    the smokies stall wasn't. . That was the death knell for me.

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    Not inspiring me to make the journey lads ha. Any good fairs up in Bonny Scotland worth a look ?

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    comments above are noted.
    my personal feeling is that although not the place for a lot of shopping its a pleasant place to visit plenty to see. It is not overcrowded and plenty of friendly people to chat to on keepers and other open stands
    I would rather go there than CLA and a lot of other shows. I have made a long weekend visiting it for a few years now.

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    I preferred the Basc one at cardross. Was better and had stalls that carried good stock and bargains. The stall holders said they were not high brow enough to get into Scone. Pity it finished.

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    I was lucky enough to win tickets to both scone and the CLA gamefairs last year, I personally wouldn't go back to the CLA and certainly wouldn't have went if I had to buy tickets. I've got a few bargains from the scottish gamefair over the years only cause I haggle the price on everything, I haven't bought any clothes from there but got a really good set of binos last year which I got a good deal on


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    The Moy Game Fair is quite good, not nearly as big as Scone but more friendly and most of the stalls tend to be country orientated. Make a weekend of it and travel about, stunning scenery up here. You'll only need one day at Moy so go sightseeing

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