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Thread: 17 Hornet

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    17 Hornet

    Any 17 hornet owners out there that can tell me a bit about this interesting calibre?
    Thoughts on it as an alternative to the HMR? Ammo prices look roughly the same


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    Hi mate if you do a search there was a thread covering this a little while ago from people that use the 17hornet. I have a .22 hornet and love it.

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    Just back in from evening walk around with mine. A crow and a fox to its name today. I have the CZ model in 17HH and love it. It is a nice rifle with good balance etc and the cartridge is great. Accurate and easily moderated. I have previously had a 17HMR and a .222 and feel that for my needs this rifle/cal combo is ideal. In my situation, I don't have much opportunity to shoot much over .300 yds and rarely shoot over 100 under a lamp. Fox was the first taken with the cart and was at 160m and so far the longest shot has been a rabbit at 260m. It is as quiet as the HMR was with an HMR type mod. .22Hornet can possibly be just as good? But the 17HH is an accurate cart. First shots out of the box with factory ammo were touching at 100m. (haven't repeated it yet!) For me its extra performance over the 17HMR is worthwhile.

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    If you reload I'd look at the others possibly a fireball, or even a 17rem, have a furball and it's a great little cartridge

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    Dont reload. It will be a replacement for the hmr as an out and out rabbit control round. Looking for a flat point and shoot out to 200yrds. Had the hmr for several years now and it has served me well on my pest control rounds but recent ammo issues and less than ideal consistancy of late its time for a change.
    Cost of ammo is a factor (but not primary) as will be shooting a lot of rabbits. As flat as possible trajectory required out to 200

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    an article in the shooting times this week about the cz in 17 hornet. not read it yet but might tell you something

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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1 View Post
    an article in the shooting times this week about the cz in 17 hornet. not read it yet but might tell you something
    In the article they describe it as the PERFECT fox round
    ......I have to agree Its my go to gun for pest control...


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    So long as you don't want to eat the rabbits then it is perfect for what you require! With no wind mine is deadly on rabbits out to 300 metres with only 5" hold over. Not sure it is the PERFECT fox round and for what little fox shooting I do, I prefer the .243. However, at sensible ranges I am sure it is more than capable so long as shot placement is good. My CZ .17 Hornet is deadly accurate and great fun. Am struggling to get my hands on some dies and look forward to reloading for it which will almost certainly improve performance and drastically reduce running costs. Bruce Potts certainly wrote in positive terms in this weeks ST article on the rifle/cartridge.

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    This price has got to be a misprint right??

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    Yes its a misprint.... I paid 88 / 100 when I bought gun . That's why I now reload.


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