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Thread: First attempt on the burgers !

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    First attempt on the burgers !

    Finally decided to take the plunge and decided to mince my venison, turned out well in the end producing 40 1/4 pounders. What do others charge for this as i would be curious to know, i currently sell them for 5 for 4 in a tray? The sausages will be started on on Sunday as i'm just finishing the joints and steak.



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    You wont go wrong at that price carl . Take into consideration of the trays, packaging, ingredients and manpower for presentation people will come back for more . If you go to some of the fairs they charge over the top prices for venison burgers....atb scott

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    Great job Carl! Would you mind sharing a little more of the story/technique that got you to this point?

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    Very reasonably priced indeed,I was looking at beef burger in our local butchers and they were fractionally more for 4

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    Those burgers look nice and lean!

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    They look good, but 4 x 1/4lbers at 5 is quite expensive? That's 5/lb or 11/kg. You say it is your first go. Have you actually sold any at that price?

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    Burgers look good ....funny enough just finished 28lbs of burgers today , mine are 6.5oz each in weight good size chunky burger .Click image for larger version. 

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    im no expert by any means but love making the burgers n sausages and seeing folks reactions & just pushing preaching the eating of game in general etc and my own limited experience is that a 5 for 4x 1/4 pounders if neatly made and packaged / vacuum packed goes down a storm !!!

    just need to see what highland game or Donald Russell charge ( I know they are professional with big overheads etc) and folk are happy to pay that for vension & know / take your word whats gone into it.

    I love the professional guys stuff ive eaten it and its good but equally enjoy my own made ...maybe more so because im one who took it from field to fork I guess?

    doesn't have to be just vension...... rabbit.... pigeon... pheasant burgers!!! anything goes!!!


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    I sell mine at 1 each and nobody bats a eyelid .my sausages are .50p each

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    All sold !
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    They look good, but 4 x 1/4lbers at 5 is quite expensive? That's 5/lb or 11/kg. You say it is your first go. Have you actually sold any at that price?

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