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Thread: What kind of Gin should I be drinking?

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    Question What kind of Gin should I be drinking?

    Well, I have an affinity for fellas should be experts on that subject! What do you prefer? It might surprise you to know that there is a gin distillery in Arkansas...
    Curious to know what you Brits like in the way of Gin.....


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    Mothers brilliantly in Pimms . Gordons of course, nothing but the best! ATB
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    if making home flavoured gin, like sloe or various fruit flavoured stuff then a just a bottle o supermarket own brand ...

    but if for the gin itself im not fussy! :-) Gordon's, Bombay blue sapphire a favourite, or just tried Tanqueray


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    Always try to find an export strength gin if possible - 47.3 rather than the innocuous 37.5 proof - as it makes a significant difference, particularly if you are going for the classic "G & T". Most of the "bog standard" gins are 37.5 proof and IMHO you lose a lot of what gin is all about.

    Personally I can't say I'm convinced about the new-ish trend for botanicals from Hendricks, Sipsmith, etc. Give me a good London or Plymouth gin any day. But the botanicals have helped revitalise the market for gin, which is undoubtably a good thing.

    If forced to choose I would normally go for Tanqueray, but I have a bottle of unopened Crown Jewel (Beefeater 50 proof) that I am saving for a special occasion!

    If making fruit gins then I buy own-brands from the supermarket. That said, both Tesco and Waitrose do some pretty good own brand gin - Tesco currently do a 43 proof London gin that is really very nice.

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    Hendricks and Plymouth for me. Bombay blue sapphire to 'soapy'

    a bit too early yet but........


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    I prefer a Plymouth Gin to London but its hard to find as most use a london flavor base

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndt man View Post
    yuk its a tarts drink
    Try a couple of Pints

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    Try NB Gin, tried a few different gins and this one is the berries! Lol

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    Hendricks with ice and sliced cucumber using Fever Tree tonic.

    Try that and tell me it's a tarts drink!

    Second choice is Tanqueray.

    If making sloe or blackberry (etc) gin then anything from Aldi / Lidl's own downwards is fine - you won't know the difference.
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