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Thread: Chronograph in good condition wanted

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    Chronograph in good condition wanted

    Morning all,

    I'm in the market for a Chronograph in good working order, someone will have bought one with the best intentions of using it loads, that never happened and now it just clutters your home.............if its in good working order with all the instructions on its use it's time to sell it, give me a message.

    Cheers Bob

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    Back to the top...............come on guys someone must have one doing nothing.

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    I've got a CED millenium that I may well sell. In flight case etc etc.



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    Hi Gareth, Chronograph arrived today all wrapped in a metal box, excellent packing. My wife was curious what I had received until I told her its for shooting, she said boring and walked off, at least she was told.

    I'm going to have so fun getting some lead down range very soon, take care and thanks again, Cheers Bob.

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