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Thread: Parker Hale

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    Parker Hale

    Anybody know anything about these rifles??


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    Well I may be able to help, I have a few old Parker-Hale catalogues here and an interest in Parker-Hale rifles, what is you with to know?

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    As far as I'm aware, they are well-made, solid rifles made on Spanish (or maybe Yugoslav: not sure) Mauser actions with Birmingham barrels.

    My stalking pal has one in .308. Seems to work!

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    ok, i was just wondering why they are quite cheap and a good looking rifle. Do you know where a good place to get them from is?


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    They'll tend to be be second-hand: so any reliable vendor of s/h rifles who happens to have one.

    The same cautions apply as to any other second-hand rifle purchase!

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    Wish I'd never traded in my old Midland It may have been cheap and basic but it was a very accurate and reliable work tool.

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    I had a Parker Hale Safari in 308, used it for over twenty years, never let me down. Easy to strip, not to heavy about 7lbs,always shot within 2inch at 100yds, which was good enough for my needs at the time.
    You will find most good gunsmiths probably have one or two in, been part exchanged, as I did.

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    There's a couple of Parker Hale .270 Safari rifles on the 'Did not sell' list from the Holt's 10th January sealed bid sale. Lot 3514 reserve at 50, lot 3525 at 70.

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    Hmmm that looks like a Model 1000 and not a Safari. Those I have seen actually marked as a Safari have much more curved triggers. The plastic type grip cap was used on the Std Model 1000 the 1100M and the Midland 2100 but that's not a Midland as the bolt is Mauser 98 and not the Springfield type of the Midland. We need to see the whole stock to be sure though.

    Prices vary widly I have notice a couple of Midlands on Guntrader for the 400+ mark the serial number and prefix don't seem to help identify the Parker-Hale models unlike on the BSA's.

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    This is my Parker Hale .308, i don't know what model it is, but i know its in mint condition and shoots sub 1 inch at 100m.

    How do i upload my pic?
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