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Thread: Special package for buck lovers

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    Special package for buck lovers

    As roe buck season is coming I decided to make an specail package for those hunters who wants something different.
    The hunt is for 4 hunting days and 5 nights full accommodation for 1500 euro.
    We are looking for a wig roe buck, an abnormal one and one gold medal over 500 grams.
    Trophy fees
    wig buck 500 euro(only one for the moment, possible 2)
    abnormal buck 500 euro
    gold medal over 500 grams 2000 euro.
    In the next 2 weeks I will try to make some pictures with those trophies.
    For more informations
    Marius Merutiu

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    Ok in true QI style I"ll ask cause no one else will whats a wig rack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony rentokil View Post
    Ok in true QI style I"ll ask cause no one else will whats a wig rack?
    Thought that as well! Is it a perruqe?

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    It could be a perruque but more than likely a tippo error for Big rack ?
    I must compliment him on his command of the English language, it is better than a lot on here.

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    Done a google search, it appears that wig bucks are what perruqe are called in some countries
    Hungary Wigged RoeBuck - Hunting Pleasure

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    Yes, gentlemen, the wig buck is a perruqe buck.
    Here is a picture from last year!

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    And some abnormal ones.

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    Do you have ''Any'' Normal ones in ROMAINA Just joking ,, nice pictures and good English

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    That 2nd abnormal is the buck of a lifetime. Any idea what it's cic score was?

    I'm a bit uncomfortable with leaving a perruke buck for a paying punter, rather than cull it at the first opportunity. I appreciate such practice goes on, and not just in Romania!


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    Can you tell me what happens if the buck is over 500 grams and dose not make gold would you still charge 2000 notes for it.

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