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Thread: Out of interest? Asian Hornets.

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    Post Out of interest? Asian Hornets.

    Out of interest to some, maybe?

    Anyone come across these so called invaders yet?

    Supposedly coming from France to feast on our bees and beasties?

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    Interesting... I saw something similar a few years ago when I used to work in amongst some woodland in Kent. I never thought at the time to investigate further, I assumed they were a normal species I just hadn't come across before...
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    I had'nt heard of these until someone mentioned it on TV the other night.Nearest we have are French /European wasps, which made the Midlands area about 10 years ago. They are twice the size of our wasps and nearly always nest in hedges or trees at 6 feet high.They are extra vicious and will attack vibration so watch out if you are hedgecutting with a Black and Decker or mowing close to the hedge.
    Their sting can bring on anophalatic shock a lot quicker than ordinary wasp or bee stings even if you are not allergic.We have destroyed in my area about 200 of these nests in the last few years. I predict this will be a bad year for them which means a good year for us.Wf1

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    I saw one about 6 feet long in Tescos the other day...

    The two wasps I am aware of in this country are the Common Wasp or Vespa Vulgaris and the German Wasp or Vespa Germanica, both are the same size although German ones prefer nesting off the ground.

    Asian Hornets are about the same size as our own Hornets but no advice received from pest control products companies (Killgerm, SX or Barrettine) about them so not an issue.

    The UK Hornet predate honey bees so no diferent.

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