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Thread: Rimfire magic 10/22 .22LR Custom rifle, mod & scope

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    Rimfire magic 10/22 .22LR Custom rifle, mod & scope

    Rimfire magic custom built Ruger 10/22 rifle for sale.

    Custom trigger modifications, Hogue over molded rubber stock, extended mag release, bolt release mod with Volquartson carbon fibre match 12.5 inch barrel complete with matching moderator.

    Scope is a Hawke Nite-eye 3-9x50 IR with mil-dot reticle. Sling is included also.

    Also included is 250 Winchester subsonics, 3 standard rotary 10 round magazines, 1 x 10 round straight mag and a 30 round banana mag.

    Had about a 1000 rounds through it since I have owned it from new, only ever used subsonics, never had any HV's through it, bought from Rimfire Magic up the road from me. There are probably other custom elements to it but I cant remember them all.

    The stock has a few marks on it but it has been used as a hunting rifle so happens !

    Selling as it is no longer getting used by myself.

    Price is 400 for the lot. RFD transfer will be extra ( whatever it works out at ).

    PM me for further details, etc

    Thanks for looking !
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    Leadpig, PM replied to.


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    I have shot this rifle on quite a few occasions and it is a cracking gun too use especially in a vehicle due to the short barrel.

    The buyer will not be disappointed
    If at first you don't succeed, reload

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