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Thread: Rationalisation?

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    Having seen a thread on the above, I was looking at the safe while the door was open, comprehending what was chained through the trigger guards,a .17 centrefire for bunnies & fox within 200 yards, a Border cut barrel in .224 throated to suit 69 grain, running out to 400 yards for fox, & legal for Roe in the right places, the old lady in .270 for deer.... & the empty space soon to be occupied with Mr Norris's creation in .300 WinMag..... Must have everything covered on the planet?....... Your thoughts?
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    A very nice selection. How about a nice 260 Rem or 6.5 x 47 for mid range performance? Regards JCS

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    Echoing Johns sentiments with 260 or "47" - id go with the latter from experience it does all the 260 does but better in a smaller, more efficient package.

    Thats Reds, Sika and Roe….plus targets to silly distances

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