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Thread: Lost gloves/armed recon.

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    Lost gloves/armed recon.

    Well I have a pair of insulated goretex gloves I can not lay my hands on.(literally)
    So racking my brains I think the last time I had them may have been a few weeks ago when I shot the 3 does.
    This is the first evening I've not been tied up with deer or pheasants so it was off to look for the gloves
    I would go to where I gralloched them and see if they were on the wood floor.
    And I would take out Brandon, Breezes Nephew.(Hes had a couple of days beating but never an outing with the rifle.
    I reached for the 6.5 and checked topped up the clip with some more 156gr s/p's I really like these for woodland.
    Reaching the wood I put Brandon on a lead and set off.
    Even though there were many smells he haddn't smelt before he never pulled on the lead, for which I was greatful.
    Half way to where the gloves maybe I caught a movement 50m's to our left..FOX
    Not aware of us he had other things on her mind, Typical Brandon's lead was cottered around my sticks I raised the rifle and shot the fox free hand ,by now at about 75m's.

    We then looked for the gloves they weren't there.
    So we made our way around the wood the long way back to the truck.
    I couldn't believe my eyes another fox apperantly oblivious to our pressence at 50m's.
    Leaning against the nearest tree I fired a dog.
    On examination he had an old bullet wound accross his back, some time ago a client missed a fox here (maybe not)

    Brandon shone anyway and i think I may have another deer dog to train.

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    I found your gloves bud, if you look in the pic, just above the second fox.....

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    Just got back in early bath, I'll have to try this glove thing, she's not heard that one before!

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    Hi John
    He looks a nice dog, is he going to be as big as Gus or Max??


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    What sort of idiot leaves his gloves behind ???

    See you Sunday !


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    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE DAVIES
    Hi John
    He looks a nice dog, is he going to be as big as Gus or Max??

    hes nearly as big as gus now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waldy
    What sort of idiot leaves his gloves behind ???

    See you Sunday !

    hi rodge I thought they were behind the seats in the truck they weren't so it was a long shot thought they might be at the gralloch they weren't so will have to keep thinking where they might be.

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    Perhaps a piece of string attached to each glove that goes through your jacket sleeves is the answer? Works for my 7-year old daughter's mittens...!!

    Now - where did I put my gloves....?



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    You must have pinched that string idea from the navvies wellies.

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    Found them today behind the rear seat covers
    thought they were in the truck somewhere

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