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    Hi chaps doing my homework for my level1 as ime in scotland will be with basc at trochry just struggling with dates, england /wales scotland dates for seasonal shooting any ideas i dont think i would be allowed a seasons card?? cheers rob.

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    google deer initiative it will come up best practise guides,

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    Been discussed recently Rob.Have a read here................

    DSC1 Taking Printed 'Deer Season Card' into exam.

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    Everyone struggles with dates... there will only be 2 or 3 season related questions in the exam so don't get stressed about it.

    Just remember that all English dates start at the beginning of the month and finish at the end of the month. Scottish dates are like 1st Apr - 20th Oct or Oct 21st - Feb 15th so 3 of the 4 multiple choice answers will be clearly wrong and you can get them by process of elimination.

    Good luck
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