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Thread: trophy Sind Ibex & Urial sheep hunt for my English guest

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    trophy Sind Ibex & Urial sheep hunt for my English guest


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    wow some amazing pictures there what a fantastic offer ,blimey those wild boar look huge.

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    Thanks mereside, we do find some good tuskers in this part of the world.

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    Good heavens. What terrific beasts. All the time I've been backwards and forwards to Pakistan on business I never imagined you had such quality.
    Thanks for sharing the photos. It must have been an amazing trip.

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    hi mauser. thanks, we do have some fantastic trophy hunting in pakistan its the only place on earth where u can legally hunt a Markhor (the largest member of goat family and the most endangered species) in addition to that we have Sind Ibex, Himalayan Ibex, Suleman Ibex, Blanford Urial, Punjab Urial, Afghan Urial, Kashmir Markhor, Astor Markhor, Suleiman Markhor, Hog deer, Black Buck, Chinkara gazelle, Wild Board, Neel gai (Blue Bull which is member of the african Eland family) we have Muntjack (here they call it the musk deer) we have chinese water deer (here they call it kakar), himalayan thar, blue sheep, snow leopards and the list goes on.

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    pictures of wild boar

    What a beasts. Must be giving some adrenaline shot aiming at these ones.

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    My nickname is 'mountain goat' so just be careful in case you shoot a wiry little Scotsman tabbing around the NW frontier hills!

    Absolutely amazing photos. Love the mountains. Stalking should be tough like that. In Skye we also have to carry most of the beasts out of the Cuillin mountains, but they're small in comparison to your 'hills', though steep and just as rocky.

    One thing that really comes across is the natural kindness of the people of Pakistan. Western people are obsessed with the troubles, but you'll never get a warmer welcome than in Pakistan, or Iran for that matter. I find Iranian people are mostly very western in their ideas and really kind and hospitable...except my former Iranian girlfriend's father, but that's another story!

    Is that a POF (Pakistan Ordnance Factories) G3A3 7.62mm that Andrew got to fire?
    I like the G3 as a PW of preference and you make a good copy..or the Sig 550 series rifles, but they are top dollar.

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    hi mauser, its great to know that ur familiar with my country, pls do visit me next time ur in town, the gun is the HK G36 (g3) but almost all of my body guards use the POF G3, they are a standard weapon of pakistan army as well as u know and very reliable.

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    As others have said, fantastic looking animals and scenery, well done to you both, looks like the trip of a lifetime

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