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Thread: trophy Sind Ibex & Urial sheep hunt for my English guest

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    trophy Sind Ibex & Urial sheep hunt for my English guest


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    Those are some really beautiful pictures, and Andrew looks like he had the most fantastic time. He's as lucky as you are generous!

    I'm afraid many peoples views of your wonderful country is based only on the 30 seconds they see on the evening news and the sensationalised reports they read in the daily papers. I've not been to Pakistan, but I have travelled in India, Africa, Eastern Europe and other similar places, and have always been amazed at how the countries, and their people, inevitably challenge the preconceptions we form beforehand.

    Thank you again for posting these great photos.


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    Some absolutely cracking fotos there Danish

    And fair play to you both..

    Two gentleman whose word is their bond

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    Those Sind Ibex are stunning creatures Danish oh & I like the Jeep as well, cracking 4x4.


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    @willie-gun thanks for the compliments, i agree with u 100 percent, people's perceptions usually change when they witness things for themselves, i provided andrew security as my father is a senior minister in the pakistani cabinet but just to make him feel safe, he was amazed when after a few days he felt he needed no security around him especially once we are in the countryside or in the mountains, now we do have troubled parts in pakistan thanks to the bloody taliban elements from afghanistan and our northern areas but thankfully the province of sind is totally free from those fanatics, unfortunately that is the only side of pakistan that the media shows coz thats wot sells, a tv programme abt trophy hunting in sind wud not be as sensational as a suicide bombing.

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    Pheasant sniper, chris rob, thanks for the compliments guys, u all are welcome to hunt in Sind whenever u want. Best regards. Danish

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    Absolutely fantastic photos Danish. I really wouldnt mind one of those on the wall. Looks a wonderful place.


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    What a fantastic experience. It looks a like truly magical place - a far cry from what you see on the news.


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    anyone whose into mountain hunting or hog deers they are welcome to come to sind anyday to hunt with me. some more pics are on the way soon. regards

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