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Thread: Moving to Oxfordshire ( Didcot ) Want some Stalking.

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    Moving to Oxfordshire ( Didcot ) Want some Stalking.

    I am moving to Didcot shortly and would be interested in a day out stalking with some one in the area, i have a limited budget at the moment ( cost of move ) is there any one that can help ? Will be on Holiday around the middle of May so anytime after that.



    ment Stalking not stacking.............................

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    You do know you're going to get ripped asking for some stacking
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Typing not the best .... That's why the. Ps.....

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    Where abouts in didcot? What do you do for a living? May know somebody down your end if not Northampton way as I know someone who does cull days but only in winter

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    I will be just outside of the town about a mile from the A34, i work for Tesco at thier Reading Depot. Tryed to get some permission down near Wokingham but the farmers dont seem to want people they dont know ?



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    I used to live there many moons ago. A lot of the shooting and stalking is pretty well sewn up unless you get lucky. Heaps of munties in the fields around the link road to the power station though.......
    Someone on here should be able to put you onto a guide to take you out.
    Good Luck, let us know how you get on, I may be in the same position if I come over to visit my bro who lives on the Ladygrove.

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