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Thread: Reloading for a Steyr. 243.

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    Reloading for a Steyr. 243.

    Anyone out there use a Pro Hunter Mk2 that reloads their own ammo?
    If so, can you give me some pointers as to what your loads are please.

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    i dont have a prohunter but a couple of mtes and i use 100g speer spbt and h 4895 with good accuracy and terminal effect i use the same powder with nosler 70g bt. the rifles are remmy 700 and 2 cz zkk601
    ive loaded up a few 100g with h4350 but havnt had a chance to see how they perform yet


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    i loaded 55, 70 and 85 grain bullets for mine when i had it.
    varget worked well, but i'm on h4895 now and only use 55 gn's at the moment.

    i wont tell you the powder weights as that will take all the fun away

    you have a good scope for load development, so you should see good results fairly easily.

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    I load up Nosler Partition 100gr with H4350,
    I followed the Hodgdon online manual and worked up a load to suit.
    I also use the same powder for .270,30-06 which makes life a little easier.


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    the best performance for the 243 that ive loaded to date
    would be the nosler partiion awesome knock down power
    regards pete .

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    I reload my 243 Pro Hunter, currently 75gr Vmax over H414.

    Will comfortably shoot under an inch at 100 yards and is very flat and great on Fox. About to start work on a Roe bullet but undecided yet as too weight and make.

    I have used the 75 grain load on roe and it is effective but not ideal.

    If you want any details of the 75 gr load then shout and I will feed back later.

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    bog standard 100g spbt speer or sierra has always been good for me roe and munties. have also used on red and fallow with good success.

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