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Thread: Broken jag in cleaning rod

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    Broken jag in cleaning rod

    I've managed to snap my spear tip jag in the cleaning rod so that the thread is now stuck in the cleaning rod.

    Any ideas on how I can get it out or will I just need to buy a new rod?

    It's a Buffalo River rod and jag is a male connection.

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    Try drilling into it with a small bit, then get some needlenose pliers in, expand and twist.

    If not, I'm fresh out of ideas and you're on your own!
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    I take it that there's nothing sticking out that you can use something to grab onto, or use a vice. If that's the case, is there a possibility of screwing a small screw into it that can be used as a handle? Possibly not as the jag metal will be hard (but brittle). Failing that, you could try drilling it out, but there's every possibility that you could ruin the thread on the rod. If you are able to get something into the end of the broken jag bit, before trying to unscrew it, possibly a bit of heat may help, to expand the rod thread a little.

    Clutching at straws perhaps but worth a go as it's likely a new one otherwise.

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    Any harm in using a .243 rod in a .30 cal rifle if using a bore guide?

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    get yourself a small easy-out, drill a small hole and screw in the the easy-out which has a left hand thread, shouldn't be to hard to get out.

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    How about the simple things first, stand the rod up, broken bit down in a small container of copper remover.
    Then after an hour or so, even over night a simple tap to shock it free and unscrew it with a sharp pointed object.


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    You could try suspending it in a ultrasonic cleaner and running a cycle or two, that might work it loose, don`t let it touch the bottom though.

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    Should be plenty of room for a smallish drill bit & the tip of an easy out.
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    Scratch/saw a slot in the end of the jag and use a fine screwdriver or blade to un screw it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferretmanabu View Post
    Any harm in using a .243 rod in a .30 cal rifle if using a bore guide?
    Absolutely none at all, I only have one rod and it covers everything from 222 upwards. It's Dewy and long enough to do my 30" match barrel, just make sure you use the correct jag and patch size as well as the correct bore guide.

    Re the broken jag, good luck with that, a small drill bit and a steady hand should suffice. Don't worry if you kiss the threads in the rod (female) section it will actually help to release the grip on the broken bit, use a scribe or something with an equally fine point to turn the broken bit until it is out sufficiently far to get a pair of pliers on it.

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