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Thread: Foxpro Problem

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    Foxpro Problem

    Happy Easter to you all.

    my Foxpro Spitfire has stopped working. I think the micro sd card is corrupted. Whilst I don't mind paying for calls, the calls I had were UK specific, such as vixen on heat etc. and very effective. The Foxpro site doesn't list many of them...

    Anyway, as I bought the unit ages ago (I think from a supplier on here) and can't remember from whom, does anyone know where I can source a new sd card with a good selection of UK calls? The ones I remember and used are:

    Vixen, vixen on heat, dog fox mating call, screaming rabbit, rodent distress, pheasant distress, partridge distress, lil rabbit distress, bay cottontail etc.

    This may help with identifying the cache of calls I had.

    Many thanks for your help,


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    Bush wear would be your best bet.

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    Thanks for that. My ideal solution would be to buy a replacement card from the guy who sold me the unit. I think he was a member on this site....

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    Send your email adress over Dom and I'll send you all the above calls and more when I get home on Tuesday.


    Just checked and I have them on my phone so can fire them off to you from here
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    HI Dom I have 257 calls on SD card. They are doing the rounds on my foxing forum. I can send it to you to download then just get yourself a new micro sd card. Just send it back mate when your done. Are you still at the same address?
    ATB Steve

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    Tony and Steve, thanks for the very kind offers. I've remembered, I think, that it was stevieknicknacks, aka Ruger204, so I've pm'ed him. In the meantime I'm still at the same address Steve. Tony, my email is on its way via PM.

    Thanks again,


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    Ok I will post the SD card Tuesday
    ATB Steve

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