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Thread: Thinking about a trip to Scotland - anyone got some recommendations?

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    Thinking about a trip to Scotland - anyone got some recommendations?

    Ok - here's the situation. My 30th birthday is coming up in September and it's been suggested to me by my relatives that I might like to go hunting in Scotland for a few days as a means of celebrating / enjoying it! This is obviously an idea I like the sound of, but there are some questions to be answered before I let them package me off and send me up into the wilds.

    In short, I'm not an experienced stalker and I've never done anything like this before, so there are probably questions I don't know to even ask. By the time I go up there, I'll probably only have been on three or four stalks total, so I'm going to need to stalk with someone rather than be left in a high seat somewhere.

    Some questions to get you started:
    - What sort of price should I expect to pay for 2-4 days stalking and - if appropriate - how does it vary across Scotland? Neither I nor my family are made of money, so I'm aware the whole idea may be a non-starter.
    - Are there any areas of the country where stalking (and terrain) is easier than others - bearing in mind I'm a relatively inexperienced recreational stalker?
    - I hunt to be able to eat rather than for trophies, so I don't mind what kind of deer I'm shooting - though it would be nice to try for a Red at some point.
    - Is it worth trying to build some stalking into a family holiday - say, a week in a cottage, of which three days is stalking - or is it difficult to do this? Obviously it would be nice to take us all up to Scotland, but I'm aware that leaving wife and baby alone in a cottage for three days may not be the best plan...
    - I think I've probably got all the kit I need for woodland stalking, but is there anything particular that I'd need additionally for hill stalking?
    - Does anyone have any recommendations for places / estates / guides?

    I'm probably showing my naïveté(sp.?) by failing to ask important questions about how to arrange such a trip - if any of you could give me some pointers / guidance, that would be very helpful.

    Many thanks,


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    Midges are now making an appearance. Not sure it would be a great holiday for a baby and mum - isolated cottage and stuck indoors.

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    plenty of people can set you up a package, look in stalking for sale.

    a family holiday works well, you will be out well before first light and back for brakfast, then back out late afternoon and back after dark,

    you can do family stuff in the day and on a night.

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    A good time to go for a stag mate

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    fordbank on here does b/b and stalks in dumfries i think, family run business,check stalking oppertunitys theres loads to go at,

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    Solway stalker ,he will sort you out something great company ,great ground something for any experience leval .

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    If you are going to Scotland for a "special" holiday then shoot a red stag on the hill. Don't miss the chance to do that as it is what Scotland is known for and it is the "big" Scottish stalking experience. You can shoot lowland deer nearly anywhere but the hill stalking experience, while not unique to Scotland, is what it is all about.

    You are probably going to be looking at around £400 - £500+ per day for stag stalking. I would suggest that one day of quality stag stalking on the hill in some dramatic location is an experience to remember for life and so would point you in this direction rather than at some lowland stalking, even if you might get 3 - 4 days lowland stalking for the same money. Might you, say, consider a day at stags and then spend the rest of the holiday with family stuff and maybe some trout and/or salmon fishing? That might keep everyone happy and would give you a holiday to remember.

    Another option if you want several days stalking, and can wait a little while, might be red hind stalking, again on the hill. Typically this comes in around £150 for a day and so is great value stalking giving you virtually all the fun of stag stalking. One thing to consider is if you are fit enough for several days in a row on the hill.

    Take a look at the Dollag's Cottage web site for some ideas, Lewis may not be a destination you've considered but you would certainly get a spectacular holiday and have a week to remember, especially if you also wanted to fish for trout or salmon and make the best of a family holiday:
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    Davie Haldane on Mull... He is on here as scotlanddeerstalking.

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    Try davie at scotlanddeerstalking on here . The big man is reasonably priced and will put you onto a good stag or two

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