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    Help needed

    Hiya all I'm after a lift to Cumbria for a few walking sticks, I've made a few sticks for a lady farmer in Keswick where I stay on holiday this lady is so nice I live in Ipswich, if there someone who could help I could either pay you or you can take your pick of the sticks there are all sorts thanx for looking bazil

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    Baz, I'm going up there again in 4 weeks time if anyone can get then from Ipswitch to Wigan I can take them the rest of the way
    Sure we SD members could sort it in instalments ?

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    I'm traveling upto scotland on Friday from Rugby. If you can get them to me I should be able to drop them off. Be good if the lady could meet at the M-way jcn though. Drop me a pm if of use.

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    same here get them to me nr wigan jct 26 this week etc i will have a ride up with misses
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    Im going to Hawkshead 2nd May till 5th if that helps. I'll also be passing through on the 23rd on route to Scotland.

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    A great big thanx for all that helped out with my request it's all been sorted my sister-in-law has got her boss to deliver them for me, so thanx again bazil

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    Glad you managed to sort it Baz

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    Thanx for that Wingy when you come down you'll have to have a go on my new semi it's very old browning it's puka mate bazil

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