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Thread: official answer please.

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    official answer please.

    guys what is the current official answer to "what do i do with the Gralloch" question?


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    As mark H says, bury it away from footpaths and at least 50 mtrs from a stream or river.

    Hope that helps.


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    Also the hole has to be 1m deep.

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    Obviously I do this to the letter every time!

    It is obviously much more important to dig a 1m deep grave for your gralloch than it is to get the carcass off the field and into the chiller quickly!

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    Shove it through the Ex wifes letter box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poddle
    Shove it through the Ex wifes letter box.
    Sure l did not notice that in the best practice guide but who said artistic licence was not allowed

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    hi swampy
    not sure why you posted this question, as i am sure you know the answer, what i thought you may of been better of asking is what do we do with the gralloch
    years ago a i used to take it with me and tried washing the paunch out and stuff it with allsorts then cooked and ate it but decided it was better fed to the dogs , as for the intestines (ropes)they were washed and used for sausages but now i buy pig skins instead so the method i use is
    the **** it method
    **** it in the hedge
    yours truly stone

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    In case there had been a change of thinking. i can't get over the meter deep thing

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    To be honest swampy mate, when monynut put 1m deep, i thought it was a bit deep myself but didn`t want to say owt as he must have got his info from somewhere. I mean, 1m deep, that`s 3.3 foot, god sake you would be diggin for ages. When i did my level 1, i can`t remember there being a depth level. I have tried looking for it in my level 1 book but can`t see it, but it is 8 years old now, so i suppose it could have changed.


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