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Thread: Ruger No1

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    Ruger No1

    Looking for a No1 in 45-70 if anyone knows of one


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    Sportsman gun center have one ..
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    i know where one is in 243.

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    Thanks but I'm after a 45-70 and/or a .222, found a nice .222 in the USA so I'm just looking into the minefield of importing it!


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    My mate in the US has got Two ! one is for sale & the other is one of the baddest 45/70 No1's I've seen I will see if I can post a photo ! I own a few Ruger No1's but not in 222 very nice caliber ..

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    A picture would be great, I've been bitten by the No1 bug! I've got a new one in 7mm rem mag and im in the process of filling my cabinet with them!
    Had a Blaser in .222 and loved it, got a lot more use than the 6.5 barrel.

    What calibres have you got GOMX ?

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    Ive got that bug too & there's no cure !
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    I know where there is one in .458 Win Mag if that floats your boat.
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    i have two, one in 45-70 and the other in 30-06 stutzen. both for sale.

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    Walnut & Stainless 35 Whelen is on top of my wish list !

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