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Thread: what mod ?

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    what mod ?

    Looking for advice on a mod for my impending rifle purchase of a Tikka T3 Varmint in 204r , ive got a jet -z and a northstar , but want somthing lighter and maybe calibre specific ? So any advice or experience with any alternatives would be appreciated .

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    youve sort of got a good choice to start with as regards good mods
    seeing as you have the varmint am i correct in saying your muzzle thread will be m18x1 ? Or is it m14x1

    as for lighter youve got the Cmm 4 / 6 , swift knightingale and a few others but to be honest your not going to work miracles due to your gun being a fairly heavy model to start with i know as ive been down this route with a sako varmint

    if you want light go for the normal t3 or t3 lite

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    Its 18x1,not to bothered about the weight of the rifle just don't want it to heavy on the end .

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    The Aimsport AimZonic are well worth a look. I have a Cyclone Compact on my .243 and am delighted with the light weight and performance.

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