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Thread: HW95 Luxus in .22

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    HW95 Luxus in .22

    HW95 Luxus in .22 - genuine Hull Cartridge; not a grey import.

    Ambidextrous stock; this is the barrel weight version, which works beautifully to eliminate muzzle flip.

    Bought brand spanking new a few months ago for a fully-blown tuning project I had in mind, but I have two other very tuned 95's and available free time is not on my side, so...

    ... takes a deep breath...

    As soon as it came home it was stripped and deburred without even a shot being fired.

    I also polished the piston and the end of the piston rod, and reassembled with sparingly applied good lube.

    The gun shoots 11.5 FPE with JSB Exact and typically has around 4fps variance over a 10 shot string

    There are two small marks on the left side of the stock, which were present when the gun was first bought.

    Metalwork is unmarked.

    Cocks as smooth as silk, with just a gentle nudge when shooting.

    Includes a brand new Hawke one piece scope mount.

    I will also include a top hat and matching spring guide if you want, so that you can tune it still further. Be advised that if you choose this option the mainspring will need to be slightly shortened since the top hat introduces extra preload and will take the gun over 12 FPE.

    I can also include one of Matt's custom silencers, either instead of or as well as the barrel weight, if required, and/or a stunning little Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 1.75-5x32, both at extra cost, obviously.

    Basically, this shoots like you would expect a tuned air rifle to shoot.

    It's really nice

    How about 275 collected, or plus delivery of your choice.

    That's cheaper than a new one, which wouldn't come with a scope mount or any tuning...

    Any questions, feel free to ask.

    I can add pictures on here tomorrow or send them to anyone who might be interested.

    If it doesn't sell it can go back into the cabinet until I get the time to monkey on with it some more

    Thanks for looking
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