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Thread: Why is it so difficult to get stuff out of Switzerland?????

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    Why is it so difficult to get stuff out of Switzerland?????

    Had a go last year to get an extra barrel for my SHR970. Found a place in Switzerland that has got them and thought I'd found a dealer there to help me get it too. Now the trail has gone stone cold.
    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get my barrel?
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    Is it possible to go over yourself?

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    This is just a speculative response, I'm afraid, and you may have already followed this trail and found it cold, but I came across these comments on another forum:

    LAGARDERE - Armurerie , Stand de tir - La Chaux-de-Fonds - Home has acquired production of the SHR. It still can be ordered there. They must have barrels, too. I sometimes see some barrels for the SHR at (they ship abroad often). [...]

    [Alternatively,] a good 'smith may be able to cut the locking lug abutment area off a factory barrel, thread it, and fit a normally threaded and chambered barrel to this locking lug stub.
    Of course this may still leave the issue of bolt heads and magazines unresolved.

    Finally, a long shot. It occurs to me that the switch-barrel system of the Roessler Titan is very similar, and possibly identical, so it might be worth contacting Roessler and asking them if their parts are interchangeable with those of the SHR970.
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