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Thread: Hydrocyst?

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    I was out stalking in the morning couple of days ago and bumped on to three roe deer. There were two does - mature and doe kid - and a buck I was after. I was waiting on the sticks for the buck to come out of the tall grass he was in when I spotted something at the back of the mature doe. It looked like a lump hanging behind her hind leg. I initially thought she was about or just gave birth, but when she turned I realized it was an injury and was near her right hind leg. I was about to shoot her, but I watched her for about 15 minutes and she did not look in distress/pain. Fed well, kept licking this injury to keep it clean, she did not limp and even jumped the fence no problem when the buck winded me... So I let her go... What would you do? I am guessing fence injury, but if you have different theory please share.

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    To easy to pull the trigger, good call as like you said she was feeding well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim.243 View Post
    To easy to pull the trigger, good call as like you said she was feeding well.

    She was feeding ok and seemed to be in a good nick, but this lump looked bad... Thanks for the comment

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    Obvious course of action- shoot the cyst!

    Interesting clip, thanks.

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    It's always a difficult decision to make and easier whilst sat behind a keyboard, but I think I would have shot her. She currently has no dependent fawn but might have a couple in a month or two. I would think her situation could only worsen then which could lead to a slow painful death and orphans. It may only be a 'minor/medium' health issue now, but it could soon become a serious welfare issue. Maybe go back and re-assess to see if it is worsening? I can't see that getting any better. As I said, it's easy from behind a keyboard though!

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    Could this be an example of a retained cleansing ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by morena View Post
    Could this be an example of a retained cleansing ?
    Wouldn't have thought so. Surely that would be central and higher up? This appears to be very fluid and down one back leg?

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    The Fact that she keeps licking it means is bothering her and it will probably get infected If the skin is broken ,it a hard one to Call ,I shot deer witch have got over horrible injury s .your not doing anything's wrong by leaving it ,but nor are you if you shot it

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    I will keep an eye on her, will go back in a couple of days to check. It has been near freezing last couple of days so should be no danger of bot flies etc.

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    Greg shoot her mate no point in leaving her to see if she mends.

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