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Thread: hello from berks,

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    hello from berks,

    good afternoon , joined the SD in march , I am a deer stalker mainly ,but rough shoot now and then ,and pest control with my nephew's company ,
    for stalking I use a browning x bolt .243 , ..22 for pest control, i own O/U AND S/S 12 gauge s/guns, currently awaiting a variation to be approved so as I can get a Ruger .308 purchased from a member on SD , hunt mainly in surrey , west sussex , beds and Scotland , went to Namibia 4 odd years back and hope to go to SA next year , with the 308 god and berks police willing , glad to be a member of SD ,nice to read and hear from like minded people , ,pretty much it ,regards pete m,

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    Welcome from just along the M4. Happy hunting

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    Thumbs up intro

    thank you from up the m4 , and same to you , safe and happy shooting , pete m,

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    Welcome Pete,Lots of good guys on this site,hang in and you will make some good freinds and contacts,
    Regards Tony.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    thank you tony , there is , i have made some contacts and brought stuff already , must say there is some old ladies on here mind too...

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