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Thread: ballistic calculators

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    ballistic calculators

    Whatever data I type in to a bal cal it never seems to match actual drops or elevations dialled in, am I doing something wrong,only thing I am not sure on is altitude, feet or yards above sea level

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    Which calculator are you using, double check all your input values, google your location to get altitude. Are you using a chrono for your FPS or manufacturers figures. Don't forget pressure and temperature

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    i use this one plus a chrono
    I also use shooter it seems to work fine.

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    The data input MUST be 100% correct

    S in S out …….

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    iStrelok has Truing so you can shoot <as far away as possible before your round goes subsonic>, enter the actual drop and then get a functional mv0 that way.

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    My last attempt was the berger bal cal and it was about 1 milrad out at 1000yds, same as other bal cals really,from my 100yd zero my actual elevation is 6.9 mils at 1000yds with 142gr smks
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    I use both Exbal and Strelok and have extensively cross referenced them, they are both extremely close and very accurate when you input as much good data as you can.


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    I too have stretlok on my phone, seems to be good with 308, not so with 6.5 06, if my beard goes much whiter I will he whitebeard the 2nd

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    I just use the Hornady ballistic calculator on their website. Seems to give me the right info for my .25-06. ATB

    Ballistics Calculator - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc
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