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Thread: Experienced Keeper seeks position

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    Experienced Keeper seeks position

    I am a experienced Gamekeeper looking for a long term position. I have extensive knowledge of Game bird management. Wild, Park and farmed Deer. Estate maintenance and security. ATV,Chsaw, FAC and Sgun Certs.
    I would consider most areas. No dependants.

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    dont take this wrong way but if i were you i would make an introduction first ,the site rules cheers good luck in your search,
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    dont take this wrong way but if i were you i would make an introduction first ,the site rules cheers
    as above buddy or administration will be on ya, but noticed a couple posts in this week's ST
    good luck, its not nice being out of work so I feel for ya.

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    Yeah sorry, new to this. Doing it shortly

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    Good luck mate.I'm in the same position and finding it hard to even get an interview.

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    Very frustrating Perdix.
    I have been fortunate enough to get interviews but some of them have made me realise that I haven't got it too bad where I am at the moment. Even so I shall keep trying.

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    I'm not even in the job Keepers.
    Get a real sinking feeling as the year goes on that it won't be happening this year but hey,chin up and onwards and upwards

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