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    North Norfolk

    Morning all,

    Any recommends for guided stalking in the North Norfolk area?


    Oh, and I'm sure this topic has been done to death (so I apologise for repetition), and no doubt there are a number of long threads covering the topic - i just can't seem to find them.

    I'm keen to secure some land around north Norfolk as I spend quite a bit of time up there and would love to get a small patch of rough shooting or even better, stalking.

    Cold calling is not something that comes naturally to me, and it's a bit of a dark art. This might sound daft, but for whom do you even ask when calling at would-be land owning properties?

    The farmer? (I have Marwood ringing through my ears, "...of course he's the effing farmer Withail")
    The land owner?
    The keeper?
    The person who owns the shooting rights?

    Anyway, any hints, tips and suggestions greatly appreciated and/or any links to threads/articles that I'd missed.

    (How did a simple request for a recommend turn into this rambling post?)

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    To my limited knowledge as with most of the southern parts of the country everything is taken up. North Norfolk especially as it is made up of big estates such as Sandringham, Houghton, Holkham etc.

    You may be lucky and find something around Thetford area.

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    theatford is not bad to get permision on i shoot there try foxing first then move on to the deer permision worked for me and my mates my mates down south have miles of land to shoot over lots of muntjak deer and roe not a lot of reds cant wait to get back down for a weeks shooting my recomendaton just ask door to door every farm every land owner if you dont ask you dont get bud its as simple as that ooo and if you have a shot gun offer to do the pigeons as well crop damage is the biggest problem down there so a little vermin shooting can go a long way all the best rob

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