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Thread: .22-250 best loads advice

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    .22-250 best loads advice

    It would be interesting to see what loads you guy's think best and which factory ammo would be best to buy as a shot and then use the brass for reloading..

    I have a voere K98 22-250. which is extremely accurate over 200-500yds with remington and must say cheap old privvi.... 1 inch groups in field conditions .. I cannot complain really but these have been factory ammo.... however you know what its like.. It would be nice to know that what you use is always spot on and its your little errors or calculations that are the variation in the field and aiming spot....

    I am re-using collecting the brass to reload and have been dissapointed with 55gr remington ballistic tip using 2.2cc recommended load hogbin powder.

    so ideas before I do my next batches thanks

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    is it for roe or fox?

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    Something in the region of 36gn Varget or 37 / 38 gn H380 will get you up to ~3600 with a 55gn head (i use Blitzking and V Max)

    Thats + / - 1 inch right the way from about 20 to 200m

    Obviously be careful and start low etc

    I tried PRVI the other day and 3 rounds were touching at 100yrds in both .22-250 and .243 (going to reload for the .22 but still considering about the .243)

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    Yeah, 36gr of Varget with 55gr bullets for me too. VMax great for foxes. Gamekings and Speers perfect for foxes and roe.
    Also Fed Classic factory 55gr - my Rem VSSF loved them too.

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    foc round

    Foxes dont like Nosler 55grain BT behind H380, N140 or Varget.

    You are around 35-36 grains for all powders. and i like magnum primers even if the purists disagree. I am no where near maximum loads so pressures should be OK.

    5 shots into a 5p hole at 125m for me and i am happy.

    If the Privi stuff shoots why chage, you will not reload cheaper.

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    I have the luxury of a large amount of ammo on my ticket but not the funds to buy that amount outright.. and I wish to keep it that way

    so I buy 100 factory a month and reload the rest (i do shoot alot for fun too!) so I am using up brass quickly as they wear

    home reloading i find cheaper

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    Can't go wrong with Varget (Around the 36 grain mark) and 55 grain Nosler or Sierra SP BT.
    Set up right for your rifle, it will become a tack driver.....

    Enjoy your shooting!

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    IMR 3031, good velocities, consistent results in my 22-250.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodillymill View Post
    for Fox only
    For fox you can try a nice fast 40g or 50g laod. Ill cehck my book but bioth Benchmark adn Varget gave me great results. 40g Nosler BT will fly at over 4k ft/sec. I never had a runner.

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