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Thread: Hooked!!

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    Got a text on Sunday that a mates ex wife has been finding big lambs eaten in her rearing field and the victims were too big to carry off. I arranged to have a look see. 11pm 170 on, pop, vixen down. Nothing else so drove to another farm where i had five the night before and seen zero on the first look. Cup of coffee later and the second look i spotted a fox in the middle of a freshly sown field at 260y and he was having none of the squeaker so i nailed him face on. I had the farmers 14 year old son with me and having got his lamb killer then this other one he was so up for another look at his paddock so we went back to farm number one where the lamp instantly picked up a fox dissapearing over a slope so the Bushwear caller on the roof he spotted the fox some 100y away chest on and on his side i put the beanbag on his lowered window and with a 5 second lesson on the famous Sauer 202 safety BANG and down the big dog fox went. He jumped the barbed wire fence and retrieved his trophy and he and his mum were over the moon as they have had big losses recently between lambs and pedigree hens. Young Peter now wants more so i am taking him out tonight with som 3in1 oil to show him how to open a gate quietly and my fridge now has no more room for lovely fresh eggs!!

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    well done, its nice to pass on information to the younger generations

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    Good effort RD! There will be more marching in on the cleared territory within a week, so you & Peter will be plenty busy :-)
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    I got told a tip to try off a pal for calling foxes in, it sounded like it could work, so i bought a little toy mouse from a pet shop and when you shake it it makes a mouse noise, only £1:30 so worth a try, so off to the farm that night to try. Pulled into a feild with the lamp on and seen a fox leg it into a burn about 250 away, so lamp off, NV on mouse at the ready. So i start shaking this thing out the jeep window when i hear a whooosh and a bang on my hand. An owl tried to take my bloody arm off! Needless to say the mouse went back in the glove box never to be seen again

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    Yes Ive use mouse calls before and called in owls. Lovely to see, but scare the shlt out of you when you least expect it.

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    Jeezus... I better bin my Wolf whistle then??

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    Well done - and you initiated him into the wonderful world of the Sauer too!

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    Just a word of warning, not wanting to piss on anyone's bonfire but....

    A person who does not hold a firearm certificate may borrow a rifle (the ‘estate rifle’) from the occupier of private land and use it on that land in the presence of the occupier or the occupier’s servant. “Servant” would be taken to include a stalker, gamekeeper or ghillie employed by the occupier.

    • · The borrower must be aged 17 years or older. If the borrower is 17 years old, then the lender must be aged 18 years or over.
    • · The rifle may only be used on the occupier’s land.
    • · The occupier’s servant, if accompanying the borrower, must hold a firearm certificate for the estate rifle.
    • · All conditions on the lender’s firearm certificate must be complied with.

    Relevant Act(s): Section 16 (1) Firearms Amendment Act 1988
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    nice going rd keep there heads down,doug,

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    Si... Get out more mate!!! The young un nailed a fox that was eating HIS lambs. Feel free to report me ?

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