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Thread: IOR 7X40 Bino's

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    IOR 7X40 Bino's

    I have for sale my IOR bins,They have served me well for the last 2 and a bit years and are in good working order; the black rubber armour in used but in good condition. I bought them from border barrels when they were selling them. Really sharp picture and good in low light with adjustable diopter on both eyepieces. Typical rugged design/crystal clear IOR glass. Only for sale as I'm wanting some RF bins and need to raise the funds.Included is a very comfy bino harness so a bargain at 160 posted.

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    140. Gotta be worth that.....

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    Sounds like a bargain, but not getting rid of my Zeiss West 7 x 42s anytime soon! So I guess this is just a friendly bump.


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    Pm flying your way with a quick question :-)

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    jordang have you forgot about me ???

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    Could have sworn I sent you a reply chris... on it this evening! !

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    nothing received bud

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