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Thread: abnormal growths in roe.

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    abnormal growths in roe.

    I have shot several deer in a small area and a few of them have growths on them ,they are in different places the last one,s in the groin and spine area.The best way to describe them are lumps looking similar to glands with tubes coming out of them looking like veins size going down to thread like pieces they travel under the skin and the smaller one go into the muscle I have managed to upload one picture of them but my files are too big to get others on sorry not a wizkid on computers.I wood love to know what they are and should the carcass be disposed of or is it safe to eat ? .Oh sorry chaps I have managed to attach 4 pictures in the attachments any help welcome. Martthegardener.sorry lads I think under the description the word I was looking for should have been nodes not glands .
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    All looks pretty normal to me, just lymph nodes, there are lots of them all across the body in numerous places....
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    the ones in the pictures look like fit and healthy lymph nodes to me,

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    thanks deerstalker.308 what confuses me is the deer I shoot at my othere ground in Belingham dont seem to have them but I take your point and its good news to me thank you.

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    a bit more help.

    adding to what has been said If these are lymph nodes and they are all over the body would they not be in the same place on all deer I could be showing my ignorance here but I have shot a lot of roe over the years and say like in the picture of the node you dont see them in that spot on every deer or possibly they are there but not as large ?

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    PM Apache off this site he`ll tell you exactly what your looking at


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    Is that first picture showing the area just in front of the hind leg? If it is then it's called the subileac or pre-femoral lymph node depending on the text. You can attempt to baffle and confuse your DSC2 witness with such wondrous anatomy facts......

    And it's normal, but possibly fractionally enlarged. I'd use the term 'reactive'. Check the other nodes, but no great cause for concern with what I can see.

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    what confuses me is the deer I shoot at my othere ground in Belingham dont seem to have them

    They do have them, but probably too small for you to see - which is how they should be with no infection or damage to cause an enlargement.

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    The deer in the pics looks fairly lean,this would make the glands more prominent as they are normally embedded in the fat...

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    thanks Apache Nell and buchan thats very helpful on the picture that is just in front of the back leg Apache .Does anyone know of any good books on deer anotomy ?
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