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Thread: 460-lb boar in South Carolina foothills

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    460-lb boar in South Carolina foothills

    Six Mile hog taken by Seneca hunter estimated at 460 pounds

    Huge boar weighed 360 pounds after field dressing

    A friend from up there sent me this.

    Six Mile, South Carolina is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and only about 60 miles from where the first German wild swine were stocked in a fenced hunting preserve in the late 1800s. They escaped, and much of the stock around the mountains is pretty pure.

    This one obvious is part German and part domestic. There is a lot of farming around Seneca, apple orchards, rich bottom land, rivers, some of them impounded in the 1970s into Lake Keowee and Toxaway, pushing wild game out, and blocking travel from the mountains. The area up above Toxaway, on the North Carolina border is restricted access - no motorized vehicles. So a 10 mine canoe trip or hike up and down 2,500 feet four times keeps the place pretty isolated, especially in the winter.

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    I've walked in the Blue Ridge.
    Between bear, snake and boar I always took care to make Plenty of noise going along unarmed
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Yes, the mountain laurel is pretty thick in places, and you can meet a bear or boar. Two friends have been bitten by snakes while reaching for a rock to climb up a steep trail - one a copperhead, the other a coral snake. I have been treed by two boar, while carrying my FAL. Both of them soon got a 180-gr RN in the neck.

    The most dangerous critters I ever walked up on were 4 escaped convicts and the biker gang who was hiding them out. I was coming out at dusk to my truck, which they had discovered. Luckily, I was carrying my HK-91, as I often did then, for boar, and they honored my request to leave.

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    A good article on the explosive spread of wild pigs.
    The photo is more like what you see up there in the mountains.
    North Carolina faces same problem as many states: wild hogs - Outdoor News - May 2012

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    You'd need a real stopper round to stop some of those beasts.

    There's a saying an Irish friend told me...

    "Never argue with a pig, you'll both get very muddy, and the pig will love it".

    Lot of truth in it.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Yes, I have had a healthy respect for them way before ever seeing another hunter ripped up one leg and down another, or tough dogs killed on the spot.

    And they are smart, as well as fearless. To figure them out, and especially to get a particular one ( as with any particular predator ), is a challenge. Doing it in daylight, and maybe with a bow and arrow, is really a challenge.

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    This one was stopped with a bow at 15 yards. Got to respect that kind of close up bow hunting with something that big.

    Church drew his bow. Then, the hog turned and started toward the feeder. When it got to a range of 15 yards, it turned broadside again. Church picked a spot right behind the shoulder and let fly.

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    In my late 20s I lived up there, about 10 miles from where this hog was taken, and belonged to a bow hunting club with some real good old timer bowmen. One of then had killed 200 deer with a bow, at a limit of 5 a year in South Carolina, plus some hunting in NC and GA when he had time. Another shot a world record Kodiak bear with a longbow, at less than 15 yards, after tracking it for days. Archery is big up there.

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    Bear with a bow at 15 yards... Wow! That is proper hunting...

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    Yes, his name is Monty Browning, and he has taken other big game by long bow: moose, Cape Buffalo.
    Monty Browning to speak in Roscommon Michigan Bowhunting

    Here is the new record ( for bow and arrow ), interior Grizzly bear,

    June 6, 2011
    Bow hunter Dennis Dunn takes a Pope and Young world record grizzly bear from 8 yards. Bare bow, June 6, 2011.
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