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Thread: Who doesn't like a knife ?! Thoughts on this ?

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    Who doesn't like a knife ?! Thoughts on this ?

    The Real Avid Viscera
    Real Avid Viscera Field Dressing Tool:Amazon:Sports Outdoors

    a 3 in 1 knife , gut hook & bone saw

    no I wouldn't use the gut hook but knife & bone saw in a oner

    what's yer thoughts ? Or does anyone have / used one ?


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    It's a folder, ergo I wouldn't use it. Folders are fine if you're only ever expecting to gralloch one deer per outing, but cleaning the bu99ers in between deer is a pain in the backside. The EKA Swingblade is bad enough, but with this knife you're going to end up with cr@p in the saw teeth as well as between the liners.

    Carry a knife and a brisket/field saw instead - weight wise it will be marginal and you will be using tools that were properly designed for the job.

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    After seeing the last few comments regarding the EKA swing blade , & negative comments I had a feeling that maybe the general thinking

    ive never used an EKA , seen this one in a magazine & I'm a sucker for a knife!

    but my next one will be a Damascus blade I think / Hope!!!

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