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Thread: Long(er) Range Scopes and calibre's

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    Long(er) Range Scopes and calibre's

    I have just got back from a trip to Africa and it has prompted some thoughts on my set up:

    I currently use a Sako Synthetic Stainless in 30.06 with a Swarovski Z6i 3-18 X 50 on top. I find it perfect for my UK Stalking where a long shot is 200 yrds but on the more open plains of Africa I have wondered if a flatter calibre and a scope with a Ballistic turret might be a better option than 'holding over' as I currently do.

    The questions are:

    1) If i were to choose a flatter shooting calibre which one should I look at. My first thought was a 300 Win Mag as i know ammunition is reasonably easy to get hold of in Africa but happy to hear any ideas

    2) If I were to spend a fortune on a fancy scope which one should i choose? I love Swarovski scopes so the Z6i 5-30 X 50 is an obvious stating point but I have no idea how it ranks against other Ballistic turret scopes. Any advice and thoughts welcome.

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    I like the Swarovskis too. I use the reticle as attached and occasionally use the first dot down at x30. For field use, I want a scope that doesn't need to be touched.

    I would stick with the rifle you have got and are comfortable with. You're going to have to compensate in some way regardless of what rifle you use as you shoot further away.

    I have range finding binocs now, but when I started with these reticles I just had a range finder.


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    My vote is for a 7mm Rem Mag. Their performance is fantastic - both up close and out further than I can shoot. Good range of projectiles available too. With a good dial up scope, an animal nthe size of a red stag is in danger out to 500 yards. This is the choice of plenty of tops hunters in NZ. Take a look at Nathan Fosters page at Go to the "Knowledge Base" tab and look around - some very in depth info.

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    Regardless of the caliber, a Mil/Mil scope will help (once you know how to use it) at hold offs and range estimation.

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    Have a sneaky peaky on Long Range Hunting Online Magazine

    There are some excellent resources on there at both ends of the price point.

    Many of the articles are pretty amazing - 1,000 yard shots with a .223, that kind of thing

    I'm not suggesting that calibre, just illustrating some of the content on that site.

    Loads of information on scopes, mounts, calibres, specific loads and other whatnots.

    Good luck !

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    Stick with what you have already. But look at your load that you are using and choose the flattest shooting combination you can get. I think the 165gn is optimal for the 30-06 in terms of velocity / ballistic coefficient etc. - - Accurate, Deadly, Dependable - Hornady Manufacturing, Inc has a very good ballistics calculator to play with.

    Then have a look at your zero - most of us zero for 1" high at 100 yds on the basis that this pretty much good for 200 yds. Have a look at zeroing a bit higher - say 2" at 100yds - and you only have about 5" drop below the sight line at 275 yds.

    Then go and practice.

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    Thanks for the ideas folks - lots to think about

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    ==== Realistically =======================

    I will state my conclusion first, because I reached it years ago, from shooting all kinds of bullets at all kinds of ranges from a .30-06.

    Stay with the .30-06. Read J.Y. Jones' book - every species of big game with one .30-06.
    Change to a 2.5-10x42 sort of scope with a ballistic plex scope, like the Zeiss Z-plex.

    1. 100 yard zero is not optimum. Change it to 200 if you will shoot from 50 to 400 yards.
    That puts you
    25 0.0
    50 1.0
    100 2.0
    200 0.0
    300 -7.7

    You can just hold dead on out to 225 yards, and one stadia down on the Z-plex or Burris BP to 300, or top of the first Mil Dot.

    2. Shoot a 165-gr or 180-gr bullet ( or both, if your rifle shoots them to the vertical line).
    Your .30-06 should shoot just about all 180-gr bullets, RN to Match, 2,700 to 2,850 fps, to touching close, from 25 to 215 yards. After that, the 180-gr BT will stay with the faster 165s.

    3. For hunts where 250 yard shots are more common...
    Sight in for the higher BC 180-gr bullet at 225 yards, with 6.00 MOA elevation.
    Your slower or lower factory 180 will be zero at 200 yards....see above table.

    180-fr BC = .500 2,800 fps zero = 225 yards - Hold dead on to 175 to 250 yards
    50 1.0 easy to remember
    75 1.9
    100 2.4 easy to remember
    125 2.4
    150 2.5
    175 2.0 easy to remember
    200 1.2
    225 0.0
    250 -1.6
    275 -3.5
    300 -6.0 easy to remember
    350 -11.9 one foot
    400 -19.7 easy to remember and mark

    165-gr BC = .475 2,900 fps zero = 245 yards - Hold dead on the heart 200 to 275 yards.
    50 1.1
    75 2.0 easy to remember
    100 2.6
    125 2.9
    150 2.9
    175 2.6
    200 2.0 easy to remember
    225 1.0
    250 -0.3
    275 -2.0 easy to remember
    300 -4.0 easy to remember
    350 -9.5
    400 -16.5
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    Southern says it all !

    Use 30-06 with a point blank zero based on smallest animal being hunted.

    My preference is a scope such as the Swarovski with a BR reticle which gives you aim points every 50 yds out to 600 or so yards,

    I would say a 2.5-15 or 3-18 would be ideal for your needs as larger mag scopes can be more fussy to use in the field and have reduced field of view.

    As others have said get plenty of practice at all ranges.

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    To the original poster,

    Looking at your profile I see you are London based. I now understand your questioning. You popped into William Evans at lunch time. They have a beautiful 300 win mag in stock 2nd hand. A classic styled English rifle and you need justification to add it to the armoury. If this is the case 30-06 not even good enough - you must have the 300 win mag. If this post makes no sense go into William Evans and have a look. Fortunately for me it's bolt is on the wrong side, otherwise it could have expensive last week when I was in there.

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